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Service Vehicle Sales / Inventory Office Parts Phones

Tech Instructions

Make a PO to a Stock Unit

Invoice to Stock Unit

Office Manager Notes

Month-end Check List 

Closing the Accounting Year Year End Closing

Parts Lost Sales

Ground Wire Configuration



Changing Customer on Existing RO Video Vehicle Receipts Purchase Invoice and Checks Creating a Purchase Order for parts CudaTel Phone Set Up
How to Clock In and Out We Owes Service Cashier Charge Return Stocking Fee  
Processing Service Payroll Video Desk a Deal Posting of Model Year Allowances to Vehicles Cost Finding Parts  
Purchase Order for Service Creating New Lenders Employee Purchase Adding Multi Parts to Repair Order  
Creating a Repair Order Video Creating a Wholesale Deal Changing Posting Dates at Month End Parts Inventory Adjustments  
Creating a Sublet PO for Service NCC Credit Bureau Setup Financial Comparison Report Parts Core Return  
Warranty Check / Internals Auto Originate Route One Keyboard Strips Locating Tires  

Repair Orders on Stock Vehicles

Adjust Vehicle Add on Cost   PO Status   

Purchase Credit Memo

Incentives   EPC Set up  

Rental Vehicles

Dealer Trades Adding New Employee Parts Kits Video  

Zoom & Ctrl F8 Video

  Sending FS To Factory

Chrysler Ford GM

 Counter Ticket Process  

LOP a Chrysler Warranty Claim Video

  GM FS Template Factory Return Order  

Change the Owner of a Vehicle

  Batch AP 1 Batch AP 2 StarParts  
Change Complete Date on Task   Warranty Payments Last Sales Date Report  

Report Text Fields

  Parts Statement Special Purchase Report  

Service Reminders

  If Journal Does Not Print After Posting parts shipped with zero cost  

Matrix Work Sheet

  Daily Reports    

Fun With Filters

  Advance Learning Performing Physical Inventory 1  

Build LOP Codes Video

  Manual Check Parts Inventory 2  

Look Up Vehicle History

  Search and Add Customers SR Inventory Check List  

Very rough notes Warranty Statement

  Search and add Vendors AP

Part Core Reconciliation


Build a Campaign

  Cash Rec EFT Process    


    1. Phase In / Out  
      2. Inv Levels Setup  
      3. Inv Levels Manage  
      4. Parts Phase-In  
      5. Parts Phase Out  
      6. Adjusting Inv Levels  

Rob's Service Notes

    7. Creating a Stk Order